Colorado SB 17-008 first step to repealing automatic knife ban

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Friday, January 27, 2017 The AKTI American Knife and Tool Institute announced that the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill SB 17-008 which removes gravity knives and automatic knives (switchblades) from the definition of illegal weapons under the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Now the bill moves to the Senate Floor. The House version of this bill is expected to have a hearing soon.

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As of this writing, “switchblades,” “gravity knives,” or “ballistic knives” are illegal to own or sell per Title 18, Article 12 of Colorado Revised Statutes. You can search Colorado Revised Statutes here.

Colorado State Senator Owen Hill sponsored the bill, and worked with AKTI to write it. Senator Hill said, “Ensuring that the laws of our state protects the rights of Coloradans using knives and edged tools for daily, professional, and recreational use is one of the most important things our legislature can do. I am pleased to sponsor SB 17-008, which will allow law abiding Coloradans to possess automatic knives, an important tool for daily life, without restrictions and government overreach.”

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