Visitors Get Into ALL 2017 Tanner Gun Shows Free when they wear the 2017 Tanner Ticket T-shirt

When you buy a Tanner Gun Show Ticket T-shirt:

  • You save money on all shows
  • You earn DOUBLE points in the Tanner Shop
  • You support and promote the United States Constitution
  • You support and promote our nation’s vital Second Amendment

How it works: The shirt is priced at half the ticket admission cost for all 2017 shows (plus the cost of the t-shirt). After each show we adjust the price of the Tanner Ticket T-shirt.

Get your 2017 Tanner Ticket T-shirt now.

Insiders, close to top Colorado State Government officials, are excited about the Tanner Ticket T-shirt. One important leader, told us strictly off the record, “It’s going to become a collector’s item!

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