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Tanner Gun Show Conceal Carry Classes On Sale!
Conceal Carry Classes are a collaboration between the Tanner Gun Show and CCW Provider. CCW Classes on sale soon please check back for more information.


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Basic Conceal Carry Class

  • 3 Hours
  • Sat & Sun at 11 AM - 2 PM
  • Section 18-12-203 Colorado State firearms statute
  • Certificate the at end of course
  • Do not need bring your own gun
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Conceal Carry Live Fire Class

  • 4 Hours
  • 2 Session Course
  • Section 18-12-203 of the Colorado State firearms statute
  • Certificate received after class
  • Shoot 200 rounds
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Basic Conceal Carry
Class Information

Basic Conceal Carry Class – 3 Hours

You Must Buy A Ticket To The Show As Well

This concealed carry class exceeds the training requirements set forth in section 18-12-203 of the Colorado State firearms statute to qualify for a Concealed Handgun Permit. It has been designed to educate our students to a higher level of defensive security.

Classes run from 11am-2pm both Saturday and Sunday of the gun show inside the venue(instructions to follow once registration takes place).

We complete your education by showing and analyzing real-life defensive videos, showing how fast things happen, learning from other people’s mistakes, and discussing how best to react.

During This Course We cover:

  • Gun Safety
  • Colorado Conceal Carry Laws
  • Where you cannot carry
  • Choosing the proper Holsters
  • Ammunition to use and not to use
  • Shoot and No Shoot scenarios
  • After Action-What to expect and how to handle
  • Precautions in the bathroom and other things you never think about

You will get a certificate at the end of class allowing you to apply with your local sheriff for your Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).

We do want our students to have a basic level of experience in shooting a pistol.  We want all our students to be able to draw and fire without endangering themselves or other innocent people in the area.  If you have no shooting experience we will provide additional training before releasing your certificate.  Please contact us for basic pistol training in advance, we do offer bundle deals that include live fire.

You do not need a gun to take this class, in fact, we encourage you to take the class first since we will cover lots of great information that will help you choose the proper gun and equipment.

Live Fire Conceal Carry
Class Information

Conceal Carry Live Fire – 4 Hours

You Must Buy A Ticket To The Show As Well

This is the same as our basic conceal class with the addition of range time.  This class is designed for new & beginning shooters.  We teach this class in 2 sessions.

Session 1 is all the same stuff as our basic class.

Session 2 is all live fire on the range.

  • We will work with you on:
  • proper grip
  • trigger control
  • site picture
  • stance
  • loading & unloading
  • basics of clearing all 3 types of malfunctions.
  • You will shoot up to 200 rounds in this class.
  • You will receive your concealed carry certificate.

Session 1 is taught either Sat or Sun at all Denver area Tanner Gun Shows

Session 2 will be scheduled with the students at the class.

Other Firearm Training

Effective Firearms Training also offers:

Basic Pistol Class – includes live fire at a range

Conceal Carry Advanced– All Live Fire drawing and shooting from concealment and shooting from non-traditional positions.

Pistol Marksmanship – All Live Fire at the Range-how to be a better shooter

Basic Rifle Class – Includes live fire at a range

Basic Shotgun Class – Includes live fire at a range

Visit our website or give us a call 720-507-8022 for more info on any of these classes.